“Scintillating, graceful and soaring music,with charming vocal tracks” Folkworld Magazine

October 22, 2013 by goitse

*Goitse Forged in the white-hot creative crucible of Limerick University’s Irish World Academy of Music and Dance, the quintet have graduated with a musical maturity worthy of the greatest. They hade made a name for themselves as one of the most sought after bands amongst connoisseurs of Irish Traditional music, having won feverish critical plaudits for their Dónal Lunny-produced second album Transformed.

Their distinctive sound lies in the quality of their own compositions interspersed with well-known traditional tunes, which make each set entertaining and unique. The gripping rhythm section sets a breath taking pace for the music while through the sweet, charismatic voice of Áine Mc Geeney draw audiences into the music in a way very few performers can achieve.

Lace up your dancing shoes and get ready for a night of wonderful music and fast paced fun with Goitse.

*Goitse is an informal Gaelic Irish greeting meaning ‘come here’.

Goitse – Transformed


“Produced and mixed by Donal Lunny, Transformed sees Goitse transfer from the periphery to the big League” Irish Music Magazine







Check out the media player for audio samples of Goitse’s latest Album “Transformed” or you can check out  ’The Band’ and ‘Review’ pages to read more about their music.

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